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Ear, Nose & Throat Sprays / Gel,
Latest: Eye Wipes
- to soothe tired swollen eyes and for eye hygiene

Strength of the sea in a vital breath.
Isotonic & sterile sea-water solution without propellant gas. It promotes the natural defenses of the nasal mucosa.


List of our products

Anti-Allergy Bandage Lozenges
Anti-Biotics Cardio-Vascular Medical Devices
Anti-Diabetic Dental & Oral Soap- Free Cleansers
Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic Eye-Drop Anti-Infectives/ Eye Wipes Topical Cream
Anti-Mucolytic Gastro-Intestinal Tranquilisers
Anti-Nausea Injectibles Urogenitals


For relief of Nasal or Sinus congestion

When sinustis strike!
Wash away the pressure and the mucus with
FLO® Sinus Care


ACEBAND Injection Bandage
Easy Peel-off Bandage in a Roll

- User friendly pack and easy to use
- Protects the wound after drawing blood
- Suitable for pathology laboratories, hospitals, medical centres & clinics


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